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Reunion Photos

Reunion pictures are courtesy of John McCray, class of 1965.


View Pictures For:

10th Grand Reunion, Miami FL, 2001

11th Grand Reunion, Birmingham AL, 2003

12th Grand Reunion, Atlanta GA, 2005

13th Grand Reunion, Birmingham AL, 2007

14th Grand Reunion, Los Angeles CA, 2009

15th Grand Reunion, Birmingham AL, 2011

WJO's 60th Celebration, Birmingham AL, 2012

16th Grand Reunion, Las Vegas NV, 2013


You can purchase a DVD from John McCray for only $20.00 each for any of the past seven Grand Reunions. The DVD for WJO's 60th Celebration is only $15.00. Each DVD is a picture slide show that contains over 900 photos. Click here for an order form to get your DVD or contact John using the following information:


Address: John McCray

P.O. Box 310605

Birmingham, AL 35231

Home Phone: (205) 798-3215

Cell Phone: (205) 821-3856

Email Address: